Died and Gone to Devon by TP Fielden EPUB

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Died and Gone to Devon by TP Fielden EPUB

X marks the spot for murder....

In the seaside town of Temple Regis, seagulls are wheeling overhead and the holidays are getting close. And then the body of political candidate Odile Clifford is discovered on the balcony of the lighthouse.

Fearless Riviera Express reporter Judy Dimont goes in search of the killer - but who is it? And where will they strike next?

What’s more, Judy’s position as chief reporter is under threat when her editor takes on hot-shot journalist David Renishaw, whose work is just too good to be true.

Life is busier than ever for Devon's most famous detective. Can Judy solve the mystery - and protect her position as Temple Regis’ best reporter - before the murderer strikes again?


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